St. Anne CES Celebrates Annual Franco-Ontarian Day

Franco Ontarian Day St. Anne

St. Anne CES continued its tradition this year with its Franco-Ontarian Day celebration. It all began with the curious inquiry of a student in Mme O’Reilly’s class in 2017, who questioned why our school did not have a Franco-Ontarian flag and why we did not celebrate this day as a community. This inquiry resulted in the beginning of a yearly tradition of celebrating on September 25th as a community at St. Anne.

Collaborative Franco-Ontarian Flag

A collaborative Franco-Ontarian flag the school community worked on.

This year, Mme O’Reilly and Mme Lackey’s grade 5 students led the initiative, and saw students and staff engaged in their learning. St Anne gathered in a school-wide assembly as everyone shared and enjoyed each other’s company in song and dance, while paying homage to the Franco-Ontarian flag, an important symbol for this day.