Happy police officer talks with diverse elementary private or charter school buddies. Their class is finishing up unit on community helpers. The officer talked to the students about safety. The friends are standing with their arms around each other while talking with the police officer.

Police/School Board Protocol

Link to our Police and School Board Protocol.

It is the policy direction of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services that school boards and police services establish a protocol for the investigation of school related occurrences*.

This document has been prepared for the following reasons:

  • to assist in the greater safety and protection of students, staff, principals, parents and community members in schools;
  • to encourage constructive, ongoing, adaptive, and responsive partnerships between police and the school community in areas such as violence prevention;
  • to reinforce the importance of a coordinated and multifaceted approach on the part of schools and police in their interactions with parents and the community, in an effort to promote the well-being of students;
  • to facilitate appropriate sharing and disclosure of information in accordance with privacy laws, including Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act (MFIPPA) and Freedom of Information Privacy Protection Act (FIPPA);
  • to promote joint consultation and partnerships between school boards and police services to maintain and sustain a positive, safe school climate;
  • to ensure that the obligations and requirements of both the education and police systems are met;
  • to ensure an equitable and consistent approach across a school board’s jurisdiction in the way police and schools respond to a school-related occurrence*; and
  • to promote and facilitate case by case conversations between police and school principals which assist in using the most appropriate response in:
    • the use of Restorative Justice Conferences* (Youth Criminal Justice Act-YCJA)
    • the use of Restorative Practice* and Progressive Discipline (schools)
    • the reintegration of young persons*.

For more information about this protocol, please contact Student Success Services.