Librarian reads aloud to a group of children

Living Our Faith

Catholic education is part of the mission of the Church, and all Catholics are co-responsible for that mission by the grace of their baptismal covenant with God and the believing community. Through this mission, the Church continues the teaching, healing, and guiding work of Jesus.

Parents, who are the primary educators of children, partner with the parish and school to accomplish tasks within the mission of Catholic education. This partnership creates a dynamic community where young Catholics learn about our rich heritage, religious culture, tradition, ministry, teachings, and faith. In our Catholic education ministry, we are committed to embracing the virtues and practices that allow us to “tell the next generation” (Psalms 48:13) the good news of Jesus Christ.

Title Contact
Superintendent of Learning/
Faith and Equity
Julie Selby
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Administrative Assistant Shannon Carr
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Board Chaplain/Faith Animator Fr. Paul Massel
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Learning Consultant – Religious Education and Family Life Jennifer Koch
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