Meet your 2018-19 Student Liaison Committee


A group photo of the Student Liaison Committee  2019-19

Back row from left: vice-principal Shannon Brady, Andrew Beale (St. Mary CSS), Blake Power (St. Stephen CSS), Cali Brake (Holy Cross CSS), Carson Sager (St. Thomas Aquinas CSS), Carter Craggs (Holy Trinity CSS) and vice-principal Paul Hough. Front row from left: Director of Education Michael Nasello, Adina Etwaroo (Holy Trinity CSS), Theresa Scott (St. Peter CSS), Eveline Fisher (Holy Cross CSS), Alyssa Robinson (St. Peter CSS), Bhawani Persaud (St. Stephen CSS), Rebecca De-Vuono (St. Thomas Aquinas CSS) and Northumberland trustee David Bernier. Absent: Ian Beale (St. Mary CSS).


Student Trustees


Senior Trustee Cali Brake and Junior Trustee Eveline Fisher (

Senior student trustee Cali Brake and junior student trustee Eveline Fisher of Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School 

Stepping into the senior student trustee seat at the board table, Calahndra (Cali) Brake says she’s ready to hit the ground running.

“I knew that my first year was for learning and my second year was for impact,” the Grade 12 Holy Cross CSS student said.

Last year, Brake was the Board’s first ever junior student trustee. It was a year of change that saw student voice double at the board table. A junior and a senior trustee were elected for the first time and the Student Liaison Committee grew from seven to 12 students, including a junior and senior member from each of the Board’s secondary schools.

“I learned a lot over the last year being the junior student trustee and I feel I can really use that in this second year to push further, push the limits and do more with my position,” Brake said.

Brake has also stepped up into a leadership position provincially, having been elected the Catholic Board Council Vice-President of the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association (OSTA-AECO). She attended the OSTA-AECO conference last year and was inspired by what she experienced.

“I knew that my first year was for learning and my second year was for impact.”


Senior student trustee Cali Brake

Senior student trustee Cali Brake

“I’ve seen a lot of brilliant student voice. It has opened my mind to a lot of new ideas and a lot of new perspectives. I think student leadership is more important to me than it has ever been,” she said.

Student trustees take part in all public meetings of the Board, participate with other trustees in discussions, provide reports to the Board, and represent student positions. They do not vote on issues. The Student Liaison Committee, which also includes Director of Education Michael Nasello and Northumberland Trustee David Bernier, meets monthly to discuss student issues.

Eveline Fisher, a Grade 11 student at Holy Cross CSS, steps into the junior student trustee position this year.

“I’m very excited to work alongside Cali,” she said. “We’re going to work awesome together and do some great things. We really want to get student voice out there.”

Junior student trustee Eveline Fisher

Junior student trustee Eveline Fisher

Fisher is a self-described A-type student. She plays field hockey and is a member of the ski team. She enjoys homework and has planned out the next 10 years of her academic career.

“I am actually very set in my ways,” she says. “I’m very devoted to my work and my classes. I really like my extracurriculars. I’m passionate about what I do, I think that’s really important.”

Fisher hopes to work with Brake to raise the profile of student leadership in the Board’s secondary schools.

“I really want to make student voice really important. As I talked to students about the student trustee positions and Student Liaison Committee, a lot of students didn’t have a clue what it was, so I really wanted get the word out about how students do have a voice at the board level and that their voice is important. I just want to be their advocate.”