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Terms and Conditions

Use of School Equipment

  1. With the exception of tables and chairs, the use of school equipment for a user group is at the discretion of the School Principal. Any arrangements must be made in advance of the permit start date.
  2. Only tables and chairs that are currently housed in the requested Board building may be used/provided:
    1. if they are not already in use by the school.
    2. the school principal has received sufficient notice of the use of the tables and chairs.
    3. the school custodian is aware of the use of the tables and chairs and the number required and is listed on the permit.
  3. Tables and chairs can not be transferred from one Board building to another.
  4. The set up of the equipment is the responsibility of the applicant, under the supervision of a Board representative, unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time. Additional costs may apply.

Cancellation Notice

The cancellation of a permit or any dates from a permit must be made a least seven (7) days prior to the date of any event by calling, emailing or mailing the Outreach Coordinator at:

[email protected]
(705) 748-4861 ext. 1184
1355 Lansdowne Street West
Peterborough, ON
K9J 7M3

Facility Use Guidelines

All applicants must ensure that they have read and understood the Facility Use Guidelines prior to their event.

  1. All groups will be required to pay for:
    1. Custodial services for set up, clean up and overtime as identified by a total on your approved permit,
    2. Any additional utility costs to the Board
    3. Any justifiable expense incurred by the Board
  2. Proof of Liability Insurance (Certificate of Insurance) is required by permit holders in the amount of $2,000,000 with the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board being named as the additional insured. This must be provided before the application can be approved. For Insurance renewals, a new certificate must be provided prior to the expiry date of the current policy.
    Any group not able to provide a Certificate of Insurance shall make an application to purchase through the School Board. Such application will be subject to the approval of the insurance carrier. Premium costs are the responsibility of the permit applicants and due prior to the first use.
  3. Schools within the jurisdiction of the School Board shall be given priority for the use of school facilities on non-school days or after 6:00pm on school days.
  4. No Alcohol is permitted on any School Property at any time for any reason. Failure to comply will result in an immediate termination of your permit application.
  5. The Board’s “No Smoking on Board Property” policy applies 24 hours per day. Rental applicants must ensure that patrons move off Board property for smoking purposes, not just outside the building.
  6. Depending on the size and nature of the event, additional custodial services may be required by the Board, the cost of which will be the responsibility of the applicant in Canadian Funds.
  7. All events must have sufficient adult supervision, one of which is the person in charge named on the Permit.
  8. Facility Rentals may be cancelled when buildings are closed because of inclement weather, strike or other reasons beyond the control of the Board.
  9. Permits will not be considered for statutory holidays, PA Days or during the Christmas, March or Summer breaks.
  10. The Board reserves the right to cancel any permit without notice upon breach of any of the conditions or regulations or should the Board be of the opinion that the premises are not to be used for the purpose contained in the application. Insurance and Application Fees are non-refundable.
  11. The Board is responsible for approving all use of school facilities.
  12. The applicant acknowledges and assumes full responsibility for proper supervision of any activity they conduct. The school facilities are under the immediate control and supervision of the Board representative present. The applicant agrees to accept such direction as may be requested by the Board representative that is present.
  13. Applicants may be requested to meet with the Board’s representative at the school before the event.
  14. The use of facilities shall be limited to such areas as are set out in the permit.
  15. The applicant assumes full responsibility for proper supervision and conduct of any activities and for any claims arising out of improper supervision or conduct or activities. Activities involving minors must be supervised by adults. The permit holder agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Board from all such claims arising therefrom.
  16. The applicant, in accepting a permit, assumes full responsibility for all damages arising from the use of school facilities. Should damages occur, the Board representative will complete a Loss or Damage Report detailing any damage or misuse of facilities, including facilities being left in an unsatisfactory condition by the applicant. A copy of the report will be sent to the Manager, Purchasing, Planning and Facility Administration, one copy left with the School Principal and a copy sent to the permit holder.
  17. The applicant is responsible for the enforcement of all fire regulations and must ensure that no obstructions are placed in corridors or in front of fire exits. Some events involving tables and chairs may require submission of a floor plan for Fire Safety compliance and approval.
  18. The permit holder is responsible to determine if there are any local, provincial or federal fees or taxes applicable to the function and to collect and remit such fees or taxes to the proper government authority.
  19. Vehicle parking is permitted only in designated parking areas. Vehicles improperly parked will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  20. The Board accepts no responsibility for personal injury or damage or for the loss of theft of any articles belonging to the renter or to persons attending the function.
  21. Signs or decorations may not be attached to walls or elsewhere at any time for any reason unless approved in advance.
  22. The applicant/s or person/s in charge or designate/s must be in attendance at the function and must stay until the premises are vacated and whenever possible, notifying the Board’s Custodial representative when leaving.
  23. Applicants will receive a copy of their application detailing applicable fees in Canadian Funds. When the application is approved, a numbered permit will be issued by email only.
  24. Permission for the Community Use of School Facilities is granted solely at the discretion of the Board and subject to availability.
  25. The Sale or preparation of food or the sales of clothes or miscellaneous items is not permitted on School Property at any time.
  26. All organizations using school property are required to follow standards consistent with the Provincial Code of Conduct. Copies of The Ontario Code of Conduct are available at the Ministry of Education’s website at
  27. By providing your Credit Card in your User Group Profile set up you are authorizing Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board to charge your credit card on the last day of each month for your previous month’s usage of School Property or Equipment. You are also authorizing charges such as No Show, Credit Card Decline and Cancellation/Change Fees when proper notice is not given to the Outreach Coordinator. Failure to comply with any of the Community Use Guidelines, Terms, Conditions, Policies, Procedures, Rules or Regulations could result in your permits being suspended or cancelled if you have any questions please contact the Outreach Coordinator
  28. All permits must adhere to the current public health guidelines set in the area.