A multi-ethnic group of school children are indoors in a classroom. They are wearing casual clothing. They are sitting on the floor and eagerly listening to their teacher read a storybook.

Mind Body Spirit

One of the core values of Catholic Education is the powerful sense that we are not alone. Health, wellness and human achievement are not solo activities. Wellness is wholeness or holiness. It is a dynamic unity in mind, body and spirit, a sense of belonging to the larger community, to God and to creation itself (Father Paul Massel).”
In 2017, the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board renewed our Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy as part of our ongoing commitment to promoting, supporting and enhancing the well-being of all of our learners. The revised plan introduces the Mind.Body.Spirit framework which is designed to engage our whole learning community in an ongoing dialogue about the factors that impact all aspects of wellness from a holistic and faith-filled perspective.

Mind encompasses positive mental health and highlights the importance of hope, optimism, gratitude, resilience, social-emotional skills, a positive thinking style, and self-regulation.

Body focuses on the core factors impacting all aspects of wellness including sleep, nutrition and physical activity.

Spirit represents the foundational role that faith, our Gospel Values, and our Catholic Social Teachings have in terms of our overall well-being as an individual, a community, and as a society.

Within the Mind.Body.Spirit framework, we also pay attention to the importance of equity, inclusivity and safety, as necessary conditions for well-being. Using this framework, we will continue to support schools to embed practices for mental health and well-being into daily routines so that students are supported in the development of knowledge, attitudes, habits and skills to take care of their own well-being as well as the well-being of their families, communities, and the environment, throughout their lifetime.

Mind Body Spirit Poster Series
Feeling Fearless! Feeling Awesome! Feeling Joyful!
Mind Body Spirit 

Link to the Bell Well Communication Kit (PDF)