woman using laptop on table

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides the best possible computing environment for educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Communicating and educating on computer technology
  • Ensuring the integrity of electronic information
  • Maintaining and updating information technology
  • Leading in technology through strategic planning.
Title Contact
Superintendent of Learning/ Innovation Technologies Sheila Piggott
Administrative Assistant Amy McLeod
Ext. 1227
Manager of Information Technology Sean Heuchert
Ext. 1298
Supervisor of Corporate Systems Samantha Nelson
Ext. 1188
Supervisor of Learning Technologies Carolyn Farrell
Ext. 1278
Full Stack Developer Patrick Kellar
Ext. 1292
Full Stack Developer TBD
Ext. 1393
Learning Technologies Specialist Justin Kroezen
Ext 1281
Learning Technologies Specialist Sean Gallagher
Ext. 1281
Learning Technologies Specialist Anthony Berardi
Ext. 1281
Learning Technologies Specialist Gabor Horvath
Ext. 1281
Learning Technologies Specialist Adrian Schroeder
Ext. 1281
Network Support Specialist Malcolm Copland
Ext. 1250
Network Support Specialist Deo Rampersad
Ext. 1293
Software Support Specialist Brent Baker
Ext. 1254
Software Support Specialist Darryl Laplante
Ext. 1379
Software Support Specialist Robert Rutherford
Ext. 1206
Software Support Specialist – Data Collection Chris Herlihey
Ext. 1253
Software Support Specialist – Data Collection Michele Cryderman
Ext. 1198
Web Developer Michael Kaszuba
Ext. 1199