crossing guard and students

Safe Schools Policy

The Board’s Safe Schools Policy defines any violent act – physical assault, sexual assault, bullying, threats of physical harm, and verbal harassment – as unacceptable behaviour. Anyone found to be violating this policy will be dealt with strictly in a way that is appropriate to the offence.

Bullying is not accepted on school property, at school-related activities, on school buses, or in any other circumstance (e.g. online) where bullying will have a negative impact on the school climate.

We provide our students with the opportunity to learn and grow in a Catholic faith community that is based on love and mutual respect. Our schools are places of learning, and students, families, school staff, and the community have the right to expect them to be safe and free of violence. The Board is committed to addressing issues of violence in our schools and developing safe and caring learning environments.

To promote a safe environment in our schools, we are committed to teaching our students methods of handling conflict and anger in non-violent ways. Our teachers constantly strive to find innovative ways to show students the links between the concept of non-violence and real-world applications.