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Learning Support Services

Learning Support Services is responsible for supporting the curriculum provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education.  Professional staff works collaboratively with teachers, principals, and community partners to:

  • Design curriculum implementation strategies
  • Provide authorized resources and materials that support the curriculum
  • Plan and implement professional development for teaching staff

Learning Support Services provides opportunities for staff to grow and continue to provide quality Catholic education. The focus of staff development activities is on promoting professional learning communities characterized by a focus on results, collaboration, and continuous learning.


 Title  Contact
Superintendent of Learning – I/S Program Julie Selby
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1241
Superintendent of Learning /Learning Technologies/P/J Program Sheila Piggott
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1227
Administrative Assistant to Superintendent Julie Selby Shannon Carr
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1241
Administrative Assistant to Superintendent Sheila Piggott Shannon Carr
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1227
Secretary Sarah Barker
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1270
Learning Consultant Adam White
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1168
Learning Consultant Sandra Connolly
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1276
Learning Consultant Catherine (Annie) Corkery
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1178
Learning Consultant Lindsay Bowan
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1174
Learning Consultant Jacqueline Gorveatt
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1173
Learning Consultant Michael Mooney
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1257
ELL/ESL Resource Teacher Sarah Hurley
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1207
ELL/ESL Resource Teacher Tanya Kranc
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 1183
Early Years and Child Care Programs Supervisor
Kerri Riel
(705) 748-4861, ext. 1171