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School Liturgies

School Liturgies

All school liturgies invite full and active participation by staff, students, their families and members of the local parish.  They are opportunities for school, parish and home to celebrate God’s presence in their midst and in the world around them.  This page highlights some of the liturgical celebrations that happen in PVNC schools. 

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Liturgy of the Eucharist (Mass)

School communities gather regularly to celebrate the source and summit of our faith: the Eucharist.  Those who are part of the assembly are prepared to participate fully by rehearsing the songs, reviewing the responses to the Mass, and reviewing the Scripture passages to be proclaimed at the Liturgy.  The following resources are provided to assist with planning and preparation of school celebrations of the Eucharist:

Teaching Masses

Where time and schedules permit and in coordination with religion classes and teachers, parish priests are invited to offer teaching Masses to smaller groups of students, so as to provide a better understanding and appreciation of the Eucharist. These celebrations of the Eucharist allow for short explanations of the various parts of the Mass, the sacred vessels used, the history behind various rituals as well as liturgical colours and vestments. Teaching Masses engage students at a deeper level of learning, inspiring thoughtful questions, and a better understanding of the liturgy.

Liturgies of the Word

Liturgies of the Word follow a similar format to that found in Eucharistic celebrations.  Monthly resources for preparing these liturgies can be found on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit page.

  • Opening Hymn
  • Greeting and Opening Prayer
  • Old or New Testament Reading
  • Psalm
  • Gospel
  • Universal Prayers
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Concluding Prayer
  • Concluding Hymn

Other Liturgies