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Records Management Services

Communications Services is responsible for the corporate records management system including publishing retention schedules that describe record types and retentions. Staff assists departments and schools with analyzing, preparing, and reviewing records for storage or destruction.

Good records management is important because the activities of the Board are documented by the records it produces. These records are vital in ensuring that the Board is governed effectively and efficiently, and is accountable to its staff, students, and the community. Records support decision-making, document general operational activities, provide evidence of policies and decisions, and support the Board in litigation. Managing records effectively is an important task for all members of staff.

Good records management:

  • Ensures that the board adheres to its legal, professional, and ethical responsibilities
  • Improves efficiency by cutting down retrieval time and maintaining control over the record kept
  • Reduces cost because resources are not wasted on retaining unnecessary records
  • Ensures that information and records are not duplicated needlessly, which not only provides cost savings, but also maintains version control and accuracy
  • Ensures that historically significant records are preserved for permanent use

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