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Distribution of Communication Materials from External Groups to Schools

Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board accepts requests for distribution of communication materials to schools including flyers, posters, and brochures. All requests must be submitted in accordance with the criteria and process outlined below.

This service is offered as a courtesy and is at the discretion of the Board. The Board reserves the right to revoke the authorization to distribute material.

While our Communications staff will endeavour to review material on a timely basis within five business days, this is not guaranteed, so please submit communications materials well in advance of any specific events.

Approval Criteria for Distribution of Communication Materials to Schools

  • Materials must be in alignment with Board values and strategic priorities and consistent with Board policies and procedures.
  • Materials must be of educational value, promote physical health and/or student well-being.
  • Materials must be non-commercial in nature, from organizations with not-for-profit (NFP) status, charities or from other public sector organizations. Requests from private individuals and for-profit companies will be denied.
  • Materials from political groups shall be prohibited unless those materials are tied to a specific in-school learning opportunity facilitated by an educator such as an all-candidates meeting or curriculum-based classroom lessons. In these situations, the audience should be limited to students taking relevant courses.
  • Materials must be geographically relevant to the communities the Board serves.
  • Materials must comply with applicable legislation including the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Education Act.
  • Whenever feasible, the electronic distribution of materials to schools is preferred.

Process for Distribution of Communication Materials to Schools

  • External groups wishing to distribute materials to schools must submit materials to Communication Services for review. This process must be completed each time an organization wishes to distribute materials to school.
  • Submissions should include an electronic version or physical copy of the distribution material, a description of the target audience (i.e. grade level) and the geographic region of the board for which the distribution is intended.
  • When Communication Services approves a distribution request, it will inform the requester and will facilitate the distribution of communication materials to school principals on behalf of the requester and/or provide approval to the requester to contact the school principal directly. While electronic distribution is preferred, Communication Services may facilitate the distribution of physical communications to the school via the Board’s courier service.
  • Communication Services will not be communicating with schools on behalf of organizations.
  • Approval and form of distribution within the school and the school community shall be at the discretion of the principal.
  • When Communication Services denies a request, it will communicate that decision to the requester and explain the reason.

Groups wishing to submit Communication Materials for review and approval may email Communications Officer Alyssa Cymbalista: [email protected]