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Google Apps

Google Apps for Education

What is “Google Apps for Education”?

Google Apps for Education (G-Suite) is a package of web applications that includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Contacts, Classroom and Mobile.

With Gmail we:

keep the same email address ( emails for students)
get unlimited storage space
enjoy advertising-free email

Getting Started with Google Apps

All of the core apps, such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Docs, Contacts, Groups, Classroom and Mobile, are included with Google Apps for Education, now known as G-Suite.

As part of the board’s due diligence in evaluating G-Suite we partnered with other school boards and the Ministry of Education to evaluate the privacy impact and legal ramifications of using the system. The Google agreement was reviewed by lawyers representing the Toronto District School Board and the Ministry of Education. An amendment, specific to Ontario school boards, was developed and agreed to by the Ministry and Google.

PVNC went live with G-Suite for employees in August of 2013. There was a limited deployment for students in the 2014/15 school year and for the 2015/2016 school year all students have access to to the G-Suite tools.


For information about Google and Accessibility, visit


As mentioned above, for G-Suite, including Google Drive, all school boards in Ontario have an addendum to the standard terms and conditions for Google.  The standard terms and addendum were reviewed by Ministry of Education officials and legal counsel from Toronto District School Board and approved for use by all publicly funded schools in Ontario.  The agreement includes provisions for deletion of data, storage of data, freedom from advertising and a commitment to not mine data.

Google is also a signatory to the “Student Privacy Pledge” available at
More information on how Google protects our staff and student data is available on their data security page.  G-Suite specific information is available on the G-Suite “Trust” page.