mother using laptop with her daughter


Chromebooks at PVNC

Recommended Device

The recommended device for all PVNC students is the Chromebook.  Designed from the ground up to integrate with the Google Suite of tools, it is the best option for our students.  The recommended specifications for Chromebooks are as follows:

  • Intel or Mediatek Processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Screen size greater than 10.6” diagonal (touch recommended, see below)
  • Minimum 16 GB Storage (32 GB ideal)
  • 802.11n wireless support
  • At least two USB ports
  • At least 6 hours of run time on battery

Most chromebooks now support the installation of Android apps through the “Google Play” store.  For that reason, we also recommend a model with touch screen capability to better support Android apps from Google Play.  Not all Chromebooks support Android: a list of chromebooks with Android support is available at

(Even if you purchase a supported Chromebook, a software update may be necessary to enable Google Play)

Standard Device

To assist families who wish to purchase a Chromebook, we have partnered with Staples stores to offer some solutions.  The models provided meet the minimum requirements outlined by PVNC CDSB.  Please refer to the Staples flyer for more information and store locations.


The Board provides a wireless network specifically designed to make connecting personal devices quick and easy.  Our staff do not support personal devices.  Support is available from Staples or from the manufacturer of your particular Chromebook.