Important Message for St. Joseph CES Families – Power Has Been Restored

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May 27, 2022


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We thank you for the quick response to this morning’s situation at the school.

Having no idea how long power, water and phones would be down, we made the call to close the school and have as many students picked up as possible.

We appreciate the school community’s timely response.

Power has been restored to the school. As anticipated, some families were not able to arrange pickup. With power, water and phones now coming back online, there is no longer an urgent need for families to pick up the remaining students at school.

Staff will be on hand until the end of the school day, and as previously communicated, school transportation will be available as usual.

If you have any concerns, you are now able to call the school directly.

Thank you again to the whole school community, to staff, students and parents/guardians for managing today’s situation as smoothly as possible.




Dear Parents and Guardians,

The power has gone out at St. Joseph CES Douro and is not likely to be restored anytime this afternoon.

Without power, the school does not have running water or telephone lines.

As a result, we are making the decision to close the school and we ask that all parents/guardians who are able to do so, to come pick up their child or children at the school as soon as possible.

Staff will be on hand to greet parents/guardians at the front entrance.

For those who can’t pick up students at the school, your child will be safe and secure. Staff will be on hand for the duration of the school day and students will have access to bottled water. Facilities staff have arranged for the delivery of portable washrooms.

School transportation will be available at the end of day as usual.

Because the school is without power and phones, we have assigned a dedicated staff person at the school board to take any calls. Please call 705-748-4861 ext. 1227 if you require immediate assistance.