PVNC student census data available

Last fall, PVNC Catholic administered its first identity-based Student Census Survey: Every Student Counts to gather information about our students and their lived experiences.

We sincerely thank all parents/guardians and students who took time to complete this anonymous and voluntary survey. 

The data has had immediate impact, as it demonstrated for us the clearest picture to date of some of the obstacles and challenges facing our students for a variety of reasons including race, gender identity and accessibility.

The result from the student survey has deepened our Board’s commitment to inclusive practices in education. 

PVNC Catholic has relied on the findings to:

  • Inform our 2022-2023 Catholic Board Improvement Plan For Student Achievement & Well Being (CBIPSAW) through the creation of an equity goal for each pillar. This student data is currently driving much of our equity work in key areas.
  • Recruit and hire an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor.
  • Revise policies from an equity lens
  • Invest an estimated $50,000 in learning materials to increase exposure to authors, characters, scientists, historical figures of diverse identities, and to create greater opportunities for students to learn about identities with which they do not identify. 
  • Conduct training with staff on unconscious bias, anti-racism and anti-oppression.
  • Conduct the Board’s first staff demographic survey in November 2022.
  • Hold equity walks in elementary and secondary schools to ensure students can see themselves reflected in the learning environment and school resources.

To learn more about the findings, to access the full report and find out what comes next, please visit our Student Census page