PVNC Inspires: Clarington siblings are rising stars in the film and TV industry

Simon and Sophia FROM season 2 premiere

 Simon and Sophia Webster have a growing list of big screen credits

From the small screen of the PVNC Catholic virtual school to the big screen of movies and television, two Clarington siblings are making their mark in the classroom and in the film industry.

 Simon and Sophia Webster, two students who are a part of the PVNC Catholic virtual school community, have been a source of inspiration for their teachers and student peers. What sets these two apart is not just their undeniable charm and skill but also their unwavering perseverance and remarkable ability to maintain a positive attitude, even in the midst of a difficult, yet fulfilling, industry. 

Grade 7 student Sophia Webster is known for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022), The Kid Detective (2020) and Small Talk (2018). She got her first taste of performing when she appeared in her first commercial for Cheerios when she was a preschooler.  Not long after, auditions for movies and television series became her main focus.

Sophia Webster Star Trek

Sophia Webster on set of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, photo by Stephanie Webster


“Something I’ve learned from acting that translates to my everyday life is definitely the strength in drama class, and seeing the creative side of stories when I’m reading scripts. Acting has gotten me into liking writing and now I do it in my spare time,” she adds.

Webster’s brother, grade 5 student Simon, had a similar start to his career, and arguably the best fourth birthday ever, when he got a call from the Agent for an audition. “It was my birthday and my sister’s agent called my mom while we were at Wonderland celebrating,” said Simon. “My mom said it was my birthday, but I insisted I wanted to try it out too, and I ended up booking that first audition and now here we are.” 

Simon Webster in Chucky

Simon Webster in Chucky (photo by SYFY)

Simon Webster, known for From (2022), Lucas the Spider (2020) and PAW Patrol (2021), reflects that some advice he would give to another child starting out in the industry is to never give up. “If you get the character, it’s meant for you. If you don’t get it, keep trying. Don’t give up. Never give up on your craft and keep doing what you are doing.”

Speaking to both Webster’s humble spirit, Simon’s first autograph experience happened after the season 2 of Chucky (2022) premiered in New York City last October. “When we were leaving, a group of people were standing outside and asked for my autograph, which caught me off guard. I don’t have a signature yet so I just printed my name. Definitely wasn’t expecting that!”

Simon Webster FROM

Simon Webster in FROM (photo by MGM+)

When both Websters aren’t filling their days with audition tapes, school work, and project preparation and traveling, the two enjoy sports such as gymnastics and baseball.  

Stephanie Webster, the pair’s mother, reflects on the confidence the industry has helped them with. “Besides the head start that comes with working in this industry, I would say that acting has made these two into confident people. Both of them can confidently give a speech to an auditorium full of people, which is hard for some adults”. 

Simon and Sophia FROM season 2 premiere

Simon and Sophia at the FROM on MGM+ screening of season 2. Photo by Stephanie Webster.

Simon and his family are hoping to travel to Nova Scotia again soon as that is where FROM (MGM+) films, should the series get the official green light for season 3.  

“Not many kids move halfway across the country and live there for several months (twice) at a time. Simon and Sophia not only adapted, but thrived” reflects Stephanie. “Like any parent, words can’t express how proud I am of them. I’m so happy they have found things they are passionate about in life”.