Everyday Heroes: Alex Duketow, Melissa Jolicoeur, Chantelle Mulley, and Abigail Duke

EH Banner June 9

We are honoured to present this week’s Everyday Heroes for the 2022/23 school year.

Every week we celebrate PVNC staff members who have been recognized by a parent, student or colleague as an Everyday Hero. Every school and every department in our Board has an Everyday Hero who expresses their kindness, courage and love through simple, ordinary actions that uplift the lives of the people around them and the students we serve. An Everyday Hero is a caring adult, an empathetic colleague, somebody who simply makes going to work each day worthwhile.

This week we are celebrating Alex Duketow, Melissa Jolicoeur, Chantelle Mulley, and Abigail Duke.

Alex Duketow

Alex Duketow Alex is the Student Success Consultant for SHSM, SCWI, SIPI, and the Applied Technology Board Lead. Alex was nominated by a colleague, who said:

When it comes to serving others, particularly our students and staff, Alex Duketow simply doesn’t have the word “no” in his vocabulary. I cannot think of a more passionate ambassador of our students, staff and school communities than Alex, whose work as the Board’s Specialist High Skills Major lead has made our Board a shining example across the province. Every time you talk to Alex, he has another success story that he is proud to tell you, whether it’s a student who has achieved a significant milestone after a rocky start, a staff member who is breaking the mould with respect to tech teaching or an exciting partnership that has put state-of-the-art equipment at our students’ disposal. A talented multi-tasker, Alex is often on the go, but never too busy to stop and have a meaningful connection with his colleagues. He is always on the look out for his next collaboration.

Alex is never far from a guitar (or always willing to go acapella) and he is generous with his musical talents. He epitomizes the Everyday Hero who “uplifts the lives of the people around them and the students we serve.

Melissa Jolicoeur

Melissa Jolicoeur
Melissa is the principal at St. Mary Campbellford CES. Melissa was nominated by a colleague, who said:

Mrs. Jolicoeur demonstrates the true definition of an everyday hero. She believes in each and every student and finds ways to support them in their success. No matter what kind of a day a student is having, they know they can go to Mrs. Jolicoeur for support and a compassionate ear. She has the ability to lead through example and this can be seen when she is on the yard assisting students to navigate their problems, bringing in Monday morning treats for her staff to start the week off and even sharing a silly story to our younger students. As a leader her door is always open for all staff, students and families. She ensures that each person’s voice is heard. A knock on her door will mean an invitation to join her at the table to share your ideas, concerns and thoughts. She makes each person (big or little) feel welcome and valued.

Chantelle Mulley

Chantelle Mulley
Chantelle is an EA at St. Francis of Assisi. Chantelle was nominated by a colleague, who said:

“Chantelle Mulley is an everyday hero to so many staff and students at St. Francis CES! She is incredibly dedicated to her work as an Educational Assistant, providing inspired support for so many of us who depend on her. She has an insightful understanding of how to motivate students, making her adept at working with them to set and achieve their goals. Her wonderful sense of humor and playful approach with students also makes them feel valued and respected. Students who work with Chantelle are quickly convinced by her that they are capable and they rise to the challenges she presents them with. Chantelle also intuitively knows what type of assistance her colleagues need and she is quick to offer help of any kind. Whenever there is a dilemma or problem, she comes up with a solution, one that usually involves extra work on her part, and will dive in without hesitation. Chantelle is fantastic member of the St. Francis staff, leading by example and making us a stronger team all around.

Abigail Duke

Abigail Duke
Abigail is a social worker at St. Mary CSS. Abigail was nominated by a colleague, who said:

“Abi balances many official and unofficial roles in our board and school. She is the Social Worker at SMCSS, as well as a few other schools in the area. She balances her day with multiple families, students, staff and schools. She knows exactly what to say to best support the students and staff. She seems to know a student needs assistance instantly, sometimes before the student can identify this themself. She is always willing to help and accept new students. Her knowledge, empathy, smile, positive attitude and energy are some of the most amazing gifts she brings to us at SMCSS each day. Our school is a more “well” place as a result of the work and relationships Abi has with so many in our building. She is a hero in our school, we are so blessed to have her!


We would like to thank Alex, Melissa, Chantelle, and Abigail for their commitment to creating a culture of faith, hope and love to ensure equity and well-being at our board.