PVNC celebrates first ever #pvncSTEAMweek March 15 – 19

STEAM Graphic

March 11, 2021,

March is National Engineering Month!

What comes to mind when you think about ‘engineering’? Well, YOU should come to mind. Everyone is an engineer at heart; we all design, create, explore and innovate! While we do not all end up in an engineering career, we all at some point have integrated math, science, technology, and art into our learning!

National Engineering Month is Canada’s largest celebration of engineering excellence. During the month, thousands of parents, teachers, students, and aspiring engineers interact with engineers and others who volunteer their time to share their stories about how rewarding a career in engineering can truly be.

Explore Engineering has developed a number of online activities that are designed to give children and youth the opportunity to learn about the many disciplines of engineering and where their skills and interests can fit in. These include scavenger hunts, design challenges, and online games. Such opportunities can take place at school or at home!

To further support and celebrate National Engineering Month, a number of resources have been put together. The first of these includes a March calendar of activities for all ages that can be used in the classroom or shared with families.


A Google Slides document has been created for the big event, #pvncSTEAMweek, running from March 15 – 19, 2021. It includes daily suggested challenges, daily prayers, and lists of books, games, websites, and movies that support STEAM learning. While the challenges have been categorized by division, it does not mean you cannot use challenges from other divisions or sources. To support, engage and build momentum throughout the month of March, please share the learning on social media so we can showcase all that is happening in our schools! Use #pvncSTEAMweek!

Since this is our first annual #pvncSTEAMweek, we are in need of a logo. The winning entries will be used in future promotions of STEAM at PVNC. The goal of this contest is to design a logo that celebrates and represents what STEAM learning means in our PVNC community of schools. The contest is open to all PVNC students. More information about the contest can be found here.