Lest We Forget: PVNC Catholic participates in Remembrance Day initiatives

Nov. 23, 2023 

Students across the Board participated in the No Stone Left Alone ceremony for Veterans’ Week in preparation for Remembrance Day. 

The No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation is dedicated to honouring and remembering Canada’s veterans. The unique ceremony provides students and youth with an authentic experience that creates knowledge, understanding and appreciation of those who serve and of the sacrifice of Canada’s fallen.

Photo of grave markers with Canadian flags and poppies.

Students read prayers, participated in a moment of silence, and learned about each veteran and their families that were represented in their local cemetery. Students were then assigned veterans to visit and pay respects to as they left flags and poppies on their markers. 

A few schools in the Board also participated in an interactive presentation with Jimmy Chapman, who brought in many historical artifacts from WWI and WWII along with stories associated with the items from their previous owners.

Photo of Jimmy Chapman in front of students.

Students were asked thought provoking questions about what they knew of the wars, if their family were involved in them and if they knew how they were involved. The idea was to spark family conversations of their ties to the World Wars and help bring more awareness to Remembrance Day for the community.

Photo of students at St. Mary Lindsay listening to Jimmy Chapman presentation.