Journey to Priesthood: A Holy Cross CSS grad reflects

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As part of Catholic Education Week 2018 (May 6-11), PVNC grad Deacon Stephen DeCarlo reflects on his path to priesthood and his faith formation in Catholic school

As a Catholic high school student at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School in Peterborough, Deacon Stephen DeCarlo remembers the excitement he felt when the parish priest would enter his school to celebrate mass or to simply walk the halls and chat with students.

“It’s one thing for somebody to see a priest at the church where they may or may not get a chance to even shake his hand, it’s another thing when he comes to you, comes to your school. That very presence is very impactful and very meaningful,” the 29-year-old said.

That relationship between the church and Catholic school community is top of mind for Deacon Stephen. In just a few weeks, on May 25, Peterborough Bishop Daniel Miehm will ordain Deacon Stephen to the priesthood.

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