Innovative business students at Holy Cross CSS launch eco-friendly lip balm

Holy Cross SeedBalm

In a display of entrepreneurial spirit and environmental consciousness, Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School’s senior business class has launched an eco-friendly personal care product.

Introducing SeedBalm, an innovative lip care product that stands out in its commitment to sustainability.


SeedBalm, available in three flavours; peppermint, strawberry, and vanilla. Each had its own unique seed tag attached.

“SeedBalm was conceived with the vision of creating an eco-friendly lip balm to tackle the issue of non-biodegradable plastic containers, notorious for their extended decomposition periods,” said Grade 12 student Nina Uy. “In a saturated lip care market, SeedBalm distinguishes itself by embracing an environmentally sustainable approach to enhance the self-care experience.”

As a class, the 25 students took part in the Junior Achievement Company Program and developed the eco-friendly, biodegradable lip balm packaged in a 3D-printed container designed in collaboration with Michael Whibbs, the school’s communications technology teacher, and Justin Kroezen, developer with PVNC Catholic IT Services. A unique point to note about the product, and the inspiration behind the name, is each product’s seed paper tag, which is ready to flourish when planted. 


Students presented their shareholders report in front of fellow classmates and Junior Achievement representatives.

Startup funds from shareholders, including teachers, parents, and other supporters who believed in the idea, enabled the class to enter the market and commence sales once all components met stringent product standards. The students achieved their goal of selling at least 100 lip balms, generating a profit for their shareholders. The company will close with the changing of the secondary semesters.  

“The success of this company is a testament to the passion and dedication of the committed executive team,” teacher Amanda Ioannou said. “The students determined the tasks needed to bring the product to life, transforming their aspirations into reality.” 

This real-world operation offered opportunities for the students to fully immerse themselves in the grass-roots of starting a business, including the chance to work as an executive member, with the following positions available: President, Vice President of Human Resources, Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Environment and Health & Safety, Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Production, Vice President of Finance, and Vice President of Technology.

“I am incredibly proud of what we have worked hard to create and all we have accomplished. To all our executives and department members, thank you for stepping out of your comfort zones and surpassing expectations,” said Grade 12 student Maddy Gaskell. “SeedBalm is not only a remarkable product, but also a testament to our growth as a company.”

Company Program is a hands-on entrepreneurial experience. Teams are guided through innovation processes and design thinking. Together with peers and mentors, students produce a prototype, product or service, organize the production and marketing, interact with customers, handle money, and meet deadlines. The Company Program combines in-person after-school meetings, online learning and exciting events.