Five Counties Children’s Centre recognizes St. Joseph CES Douro fundraising efforts

Five Counties at St Joseph Douro
March 25, 2024

In a display of community support, representatives from the Five Counties Children’s Centre visited St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School in Douro on March 7 to express gratitude and admiration for the school’s exceptional fundraising efforts of just over $883 with a ceremonial cheque. 

The visit was prompted by the school community’s highly successful annual Polar Plunge fundraiser, organized by teacher Stephanie Dancey. For 21 years, Dancey has taken the daring plunge into the icy waters of Chemong Lake every February, ten of those during her time at St. Joseph CES. ​​To date, the community has raised over $4700 over the last 32 years for Five Counties Children’s Centre.

Principal Mark Collins shared that this campaign is near and dear to the heart of the St. Joseph staff and students. 

“A generous spirit is a prevailing theme at St. Joseph CES in Douro throughout every school year, the annual Polar Plunge Fundraiser spearheaded by Mme. Stephanie Dancey is always a highlight every January.” Collins said. “The school is unbelievably generous in making their donations to Five Counties Children’s Centre. We are doubly blessed because we are first encouraging Mme. Dancey with such amazing school spirit, and secondly, we know that our generous support of Five Counties does great work and makes a huge difference in the lives of the children they serve.”

The fundraiser, which has become a cherished tradition at the school, has aimed to raise funds for the Five Counties Children’s Centre, a vital organization that provides essential support to local children and their families. 

During the visit, representatives shared heartfelt stories about the significant impact their organization has in the community, and expressed their appreciation for the support received from St. Joseph CES.