Coffee Cart initiative inspires life skills program at St. Mary CSS and Holy Cross CSS

Coffee Cart St. Mary CSS

What started as Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School’s SERT Joshua Neadow’s brainchild, the remarkable coffee cart initiative has been carried through and even duplicated at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School.

Neadow’s initiative, a student-run Coffee Cart, has not only been a resounding success at Holy Cross CSS, but has also become a beacon of inclusivity and skill-building within the St. Mary CSS community. Recognizing the potential for other schools to enhance vocational and social skills, Neadow generously shared his experience and knowledge with the staff at St. Mary CSS.

Coffee Cart St. Mary CSS

The Coffee Cart project, managed entirely by six LLS students, encompasses various responsibilities including organizing, preparing, delivering, and restocking the cart. One highlight of this endeavor is the monthly trip to local grocery stores using public transit, where students actively participate in purchasing supplies, fostering independence and confidence in navigating real-world scenarios. There are currently 26 staff members signed up to receive coffee deliveries up to three times a week from the dedicated coffee cart crew. 

“We wanted to provide our LLS students with an opportunity to develop essential life skills in preparation for their World of Work in-school co-op placement,” shared Nicole Gibson, teacher at St. Mary CSS. “Thanks to Mr. Neadow’s guidance and with the unwavering support of our community and staff, we were able to launch this exciting initiative in semester two.”

The impact of the Coffee Cart project extends beyond skill-building, as evidenced by the heartfelt sentiment expressed by one of the students involved. Ben, pictured on the left, a participant in the program, shared, “I like seeing new teachers and I have fun.”

Coffee Cart St. Mary CSS

“I am grateful to have been able to provide this opportunity for students to learn a skill that they can potentially use for future employment, and the fresh caffeine delivery three times a week doesn’t hurt either,” added Gibson.