Everyday Heroes: Jordan Busch, Andrena Finn, and Luke MacDonald

EH Banner March 17

We are honoured to present this week’s Everyday Heroes for the 2022/23 school year.

Every week we celebrate PVNC staff members who have been recognized by a parent, student or colleague as an Everyday Hero. Every school and every department in our Board has an Everyday Hero who expresses their kindness, courage and love through simple, ordinary actions that uplift the lives of the people around them and the students we serve. An Everyday Hero is a caring adult, an empathetic colleague, somebody who simply makes going to work each day worthwhile.

This week we are celebrating Jordan Busch, Andrena Finn, and Luke MacDonald.

Jordan Busch

Jordan Busch Jordan is a Human Resources Officer at the CEC. Jordan was nominated by a colleague, who said: 

“Hardworking, competent, and efficient are a few of the words that describe Jordan. His meticulous attention to detail ensures that every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed. Jordan steps up and goes above and beyond to ensure the job gets done and can always be counted on to ensure schools have what they need. The HR department is lucky to have him.”

Andrena Finn

Andrena Finn
Andrena is a Teacher at St. Peter CSS. Andrena was nominated by a colleague, who said: 

“The most important thing for me as a mother is for my children to always find a caring adult in their school that they trust, feel comfortable with, look up to and admire and learn so much from. Ms. Finn is that person for my daughter! My daughter admires her work ethic, her kindness and generosity and her knowledge and wisdom! I can’t tell you how monumental it is for Ms. Finn to have taken the time to get to know my daughter so well and to have developed such a special connection with her. My daughter suffers from social anxiety and, under the awesome guidance of Ms. Finn, she was able to be part of the Hair and Make-Up team for Grease! It was so wonderful to see her excel and push past her comfort zone and I thank Ms. Finn for all of her time and effort! I would like to nominate Ms. Finn for the Everyday Hero award because as a fellow colleague I admire her dedication to the teaching profession, her mentorship approach to guiding her students and her energetic, upbeat and passionate zest for life; a true role model for others!”

Luke MacDonald

Luke MacDonald
Luke is a Teacher at St. Stephen CSS. Luke was nominated by a colleague, who said: 

“Luke comes into work every single day in a happy mood, saying hello to every student and acting with kindness in everything he does. He is empathetic, understanding, and the students value him as a teacher and role model. He goes above and beyond by volunteering for clubs, and many sports such as volleyball and basketball. Luke is passionate about his job and it shows.”

We would like to thank Jordan, Andrena, and Luke for their commitment to creating a culture of faith, hope and love to ensure equity and well-being at our board.