Everyday Hero Award returns for third year

Everyday Hero Award Program

Jan. 19, 2024

Entering its third year, our peer-nominated Everyday Hero Award is back, ready to shine a spotlight on the remarkable staff members who proudly serve PVNC Catholic. Since its inception in early 2022, more than 120 staff members from diverse roles and locations have been honoured for their extraordinary contributions.

Our everyday heroes are the epitome of compassion, devotion and care, transforming everyday tasks into extraordinary impacts.

Their subtle yet powerful actions not only elevate the experiences of colleagues but also enrich the lives of the students we proudly serve. They are more than just supportive adults or empathetic peers; they are the vibrant pulse of our educational community, profoundly touching the lives of all they encounter.

Our everyday heroes come in all forms, quietly making a difference in our schools and board offices, yet very often they overlook or downplay their own actions.

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This year, we’re taking a step further to acknowledge their commitment. We’re delighted to introduce an enhanced appreciation package for award winners, focusing on self-care and wellness, to honour their dedication in their daily endeavors.