Catholic School Board sells former St. John Kirkfield site to Diocese of Peterborough

Former Catholic school to be repurposed as parish hall, rectory, parish officeThe former site of St. John Catholic Elementary School in Kirkfield, ON will once again be serving the local community.

The Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington (PVNC) Catholic District School Board has sold the property to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Peterborough, which intends to repurpose the former school as a parish hall, rectory and office space.

St. John Catholic Elementary School, which was closed following the end of the 2015-2016 school year, was built in 1950. The current building, which sits on 0.87 acres, was built in 1960 to house 100 students following a fire that destroyed the original school.

“We are pleased that this property, which was built to meet the needs of the Catholic community nearly 70 years ago, will once again be a hub of faith-based activity for Kirkfield and the surrounding area,” PVNC Board Chairperson Michelle Griepsma said.

The Diocese’s acquisition of the property in Kirkfield has been a collaborative process involving the Bishop, the Office of Temporal Affairs and the local Pastor and parishioners.

“The parish community and the Diocese worked together along with the school board to achieve this positive outcome,” said His Excellency Most Reverend Daniel Miehm, Bishop of Peterborough. “I am pleased with this high level of collaboration, which strengthens the faith community.”

The Chancellor of Temporal Affairs, Fr. Peter Seabrooke, echoed these sentiments: “This is good for the present and the future of St. John Parish in Kirkfield and its associated missions.”

The Diocese plans to begin renovation on the building in Fall of 2018 and hopes to have it completed and ready for parish activity by early 2019.

“This new space will provide a good sized parish hall, a rectory and offices – all located next to the parish,” said Fr. Anthony Ezeonwueme, Pastor of St. John Parish, adding he was excited by this prospect for the parish community. “This is the best option for the current needs of the parish and going forward into the future.”

Media Contact: Deirdre Thomas, Assistant to the Bishop, Diocese of Peterborough
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