Winners of the 2022 Director of Education Christmas Card Contest

Christmas Card Winner Banner 2022

Director of Education Joan Carragher’s goal was to celebrate and recognize all of the talented student  artists across the Board. This year, Communication Services launched the 2022 Director’s Christmas Art Competition, and collected Christmas-themed artwork from students K-12 from across the board and selected winners in three categories; primary (Kindergarten-Grade 3), junior (Grade 4-6), and Intermediate/Senior (Grade 7-12).

Several winners were chosen and the overall winner will be used for the cover of the Director’s 2022 Christmas Card, which will be sent to community partners throughout the Board’s jurisdiction.

Thank you to all the students who shared their wonderful talents and submitted artwork for the Director’s Christmas card.

Maia M Christmas Card Cover Overall Winner:

Maia M. (Grade 8), St. Catherine CES

Primary Runner-Up:

Holly N. (Grade 3), St. Mary CES Lindsay

Holly N. Christmas Card Submission
Emily F., Christmas Card Submission Primary Runner-Up:

Emily F. (Grade 3), Monsignor Leo Cleary CES

Primary Runner-Up: 

Evelyn G., (Kindergarten Year 2), St. Francis of Assisi CES

Evelyn G. Christmas Card Submission
Ysabelle B. Christmas Card Submission Junior Runner-Up: 

Ysabelle B. (Grade 4), St. Teresa CES

Junior Runner-Up:

Devyn A. (Grade 5), St. Catherine CES

Devyn A Christmas Card Submission
Sadie M. Christmas Card Submission Junior Runner-Up:

Sadie M. (Grade 5), St. Anne CES

Intermediate/Senior Runner-Up:

Delaney C. (Grade 10), St. Peter CSS

Delaney Christmas Card Submission
Haley M. Christmas Card Submission Intermediate/Senior Runner-Up: 

Haley M. (Grade 12), St. Mary CSS

Intermediate/Senior Runner-Up:

Maya R. (Grade 11), St. Stephen CSS

Maya R Christmas Card Submission