Welding upgrades allow PVNC students to obtain national welding qualifications while in school

A bundle of welding certifications

Feb. 22, 2021,

A new batch of Grade 11 and Grade 12 students at PVNC have made the national “qualified welder” list after achieving Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Flat Weld Certifications. And they didn’t have to travel further than their own school to do it.

In 2018, PVNC invested $650,000 to install fully-outfitted welding booths at all six secondary schools in the Board and to enhance teacher training.

Now, our students are achieving CWB certification in the areas of both MIG and Stick welding. About 35 PVNC students to date have received their qualifications.

The CWB has granted “CWB Test Facility Status” to St. Peter CSS in Peterborough and St. Mary CSS in Cobourg with the other four schools in the process of applying for this status.

This test facility status allows students the opportunity to do CWB certifications in our school shops.

“Having the CWB certification has been a significant benefit to our students as they apply to coop industry placements and part time jobs among businesses in the local community,” explained Alex Duketow, who oversees the Board’s Specialist High Skills Major Program portfolio.

“Furthermore, the students are being introduced to the spectrum of welding skills that are in extremely high demand across our province and country.”

The students are well supported by tech teachers who have also received training directly from CWB professionals. PVNC currently has more than 850 grade 11s and 12s participating in this programming.