Sweet rewards for Holy Cross CSS Bee Club

Image of students tending to bee hives

Members of the Holy Cross Bee Club extract honey from hives they’ve been tending since spring

Peterborough GreenUP supported the Holy Cross Bee Club, who tended three hives at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School in Peterborough.

Starting earlier this spring, a group of 12 students — led by their teacher Mike Halloran — have been suiting up in protective bee suits, conducting hive checks, treating the hives for mites, and learning all there is to know about the honey bee life cycle.

Students in the Holy Cross Bee Club are members of the Eco Club who have a special interest in bee keeping. While all of the members of the club eagerly admit how fun the experience is, Emily Berardi also shares, “Understanding bees is really important because bees pollinate our crops and our gardens, and without them we wouldn’t have fresh vegetables and fruits to eat.”

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