St. Martin CES celebrates donation, blessing of St. Martin of Tours statue

Peterborough Bishop Daniel Miehm blesses a statue of St. Martin of Tours at St. Martin Parish on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019.

“We look to the saints to show us the way.”

The St. Martin Catholic Elementary School community has welcomed a new addition to the school that’s helping spark conversations about the acts of the school’s patron saint thanks to a generous donation.

Fergus Young, 84, is a former trustee and was one of the community members who helped push for the creation of the Catholic elementary school in Ennismore leading to the building of St. Martin CES in 1964.

Young recently donated a statue of St. Martin of Tours as a legacy to the school, so that students can reflect on St. Martin’s acts of generosity and peace.

“I couldn’t think of anything else that would be more appropriate for the school than a statue of St. Martin,” Young explained. “I thought that it would be meaningful to students to learn who St. Martin is and what he means to the community of Ennismore.”

Peterborough Bishop Daniel Miehm celebrated mass with the school community at St. Martin Parish on Thursday, Jan. 17 and blessed the statue.

“I’m really happy to be here for this great occasion. This statue is about inspiration. A statue is like a sign. We look to the saints to show us the way,” Bishop Miehm said.

“So we can now look at the saints and be reminded and be pointed in the right direction.”

image of bishop and the donor

Bishop Daniel Miehm stands with Fergus Young, who generously donated the pictured statue of St. Martin of Tours to St. Martin CES in Ennismore. This photo is taken following a mass and blessing of the statue at St. Martin Parish on Jan. 17, 2019.

School principal Mark Byrne said the statue, which is proudly displayed in the school’s office, has been serving its purpose, creating conversation and refection about the acts of St. Martin.

“You have started a whole new conversation about St. Martin at the school,” Byrne said, thanking Young for the donation.

PVNC Director of Education Michael Nasello said the gift of the statue was more than a mere donation.

“It’s not just an act of generosity, it’s an act of faith, faith in our school, its students and staff,” Nasello said.

“You haven’t just given us a gift for today, it’s a gift for the future.”

Following the mass and the blessing of the statue, the Grade 8 students of St. Martin CES presented Young with a collection of thank you cards and a red cloak symbolizing St. Martin’s generosity signed by students.

image of inscription

The inscription on the statue of St. Martin of Tours donated to St. Martin CES in January 2018 by Fergus Young.