PVNC Catholic educator Adam White lauded as long-time ambassador for Five Counties Children Centre

Adam white delivers a keynote address

June 21, 2023

PVNC Catholic learning consultant Adam White gave the keynote address during the Five Counties Children Centre Annual General Meeting in Peterborough on June 20, 2023, where he was celebrated for wrapping up 10 years on the board of directors and for his unwavering support as an ambassador for the organization.

White, who has been appointed vice-principal at Monsignor O’Donohue CES for the 2023-2024 school year, was a former client of 19 years at Five Counties, after he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at nine months old.

In the very same gymnasium where he received physiotherapy as a child, White thanked the therapists gathered in the room who treated him personally and credited Five Counties with “building his abilities for life,” equipping him with the skills and confidence he needed to pursue his career in education. 

Throughout the years, White gave back to the Five Counties community, volunteering his time in various roles to support other children and families.

As an adult, serving ten years on the board of directors, including serving in the chairperson role, White said he honed his leadership skills and was inspired to further pursue leadership opportunities in his own career. 

“I think without Five Counties support, there’s not a chance I would have been ready to take these new steps in my career.  I have had the chance to meet some inspirational leaders who have an impact on people in their work. Their example has, in a very real sense, shown me how this can be possible.” he said. 

White leaves his term as a director of Five Counties on a high note as the organization supported the highest number of youth/clients in its history this year. As many as 6,203 children/youth received speech, physio and occupational therapies, as well as other treatment services between 2022-2023.


Photo Credit: Clifford Skarstedt, Examiner