Holy Trinity CSS presents The Fire in Our Soul arts showcase

Screengrab from HTCSS Fire in Our Soul Arts Showcase

Feb. 5, 2021

Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School’s arts department, led by Shauna Carpinelli (visual arts), Bethany Kannan (music), Katelyn Whittle (dance) and Elizabeth Rennie (drama), are pleased to present the school’s The Fire in Our Soul arts showcase.

“We are extremely proud of the resilience of our students,” the teachers said. “Our Titans have yet again demonstrated steadfast determination in the face of a global pandemic that has required them to enter into unprecedented learning environments. Our young artists have created a wonderful and dynamic collection of work through in-class learning as well as distance learning. Despite our ever changing world our Titans bless us everyday with their God given gifts and talent through their creativity and academic commitment as they lead us up a path of courage, grace, perseverance and hope.”

The arts department wanted to create an opportunity to showcase the work that students have created under very challenging circumstances over the course of this school year, so it created a platform for students to celebrate arts and culture online. 

Check out the website The Fire in Our Soul, which has enabled Holy Trinity students to participate in the school’s annual winter art show while keeping to provincial lockdown rules.