Everyday Heroes: Nicole Buys, Mary Kennedy, Kate Murphy, and Amanda Huskilson

Everyday Heroes March 1

We are honoured to present this week’s Everyday Heroes for the 2023/24 school year.

Our everyday heroes are the epitome of compassion, devotion and care, transforming everyday tasks into extraordinary impacts.

Their subtle yet powerful actions not only elevate the experiences of colleagues but also enrich the lives of the students we proudly serve. They are more than just supportive adults or empathetic peers; they are the vibrant pulse of our educational community, profoundly touching the lives of all they encounter.

Our everyday heroes come in all forms, quietly making a difference in our schools and board offices, yet very often they overlook or downplay their own actions.

This week we are celebrating SERTs Nicole Buys, Mary Kennedy, Kate Murphy, and Amanda Huskilson.

Nicole Buys

Nicole Buys Nicole is a SERT at St. Mary CSS. Nicole was nominated by a colleague, who said:

“There are very few people who are able to do their job to perfection in the Educational field. Nicole Buys is that person. Her classrooms are run with a firm, but fair hand. She is extremely strict with her rules, but she also throws in a bit of kindness to hook her students in. Students hate her at first, but then once they realize that they are respected and she truly cares about their education they thrive in her class. Recently she decided to be brave and take on the role of SERT. This has been a huge eye opener for her and she has had many sleepless nights, I’m sure. She has had a huge impact on students as well as the staff in the Special Education department. Nicole is thankful and appreciative every day for everything staff do on a daily basis with our special needs students and for the students who come to resource every day with IEP’s she challenges them to do better. If there is one person who could manage to deliver impeccable results no matter what the situation each and every time, it would be Nicole. Your logical thinking, empathy and leadership is the reason why you have been nominated. Thank you for everything you do!

Mary Kennedy

Mary Kennedy
Mary is a SERT at St. Thomas Aquinas CSS. Mary was nominated by a colleague, who said:

When I think of St. Thomas Aquinas CSS, the first person that comes to mind is Mary Kennedy. She is, by far, the most passionate advocate for our students, staff and entire school community. Mary’s ability to multitask while remaining motivated, committed and meticulous are second to none. Her positivity, availability and supportive nature are contagious to all those around her. She is extremely hard working and always goes above and beyond to be certain that all students are well supported, often working quietly behind the scenes. There is no problem too complex for Mary to solve and no mountain too high for her to climb. She exudes determination and confidence in every situation. Her loyalty, kindness and compassion shown to the students, staff and greater school community are her greatest attributes. Mary is truly the heart and soul of St. Thomas Aquinas.”

Kate Murphy

Kate Murphy Kate is a SERT at Immaculate Conception CES. Kate was nominated by a colleague, who said:

“Kate Murphy comes in to work every day with a smile on her face, and a goal to make other people feel great. She is pulled in about a million directions and handles it with a grace that I find inspiring. She takes it upon herself to find what encourages each of her students and will continue to provide that encouragement, even if it means buying a silly amount of Costco muffins. Kate creates a warm and welcoming space in the SERT room, even as an adult I feel less stress just by walking in. She’s created a very comforting space. She makes everyone feel like they are her sole focus while talking to them. She has faced a lot of trials and tribulations, but uses those experiences to help others. You never hear her lamenting a situation, you hear her using that situation to encourage, educate, fundraise, etc. I feel that she embodies the Catholic Graduate Expectations we ask of our students; as they say, she walks the walk.”

Amanda Huskilson

Amanda Huskilson
Amanda is a SERT at St. Patrick CES. Amanda was nominated by a colleague, who said:

“Amanda Huskilson is the “Sparkplug” of St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School. She comes to work each day with passion and dedication for her job, her staff and her students. Amanda fills in for others, without question, completing supervisions, and is our main T.I.C staff member. Amanda knows and recognizes each child and their families by name, and always finds the positive in every situation, even when days are difficult. Amanda always wears a smile on her face, and goes above and beyond to help her colleagues on a daily basis. Amanda sports many hats, as she is known as a mentor, a friend, a colleague, a spiritual guide, a teacher, and our beloved SERT, indeed she is an… Enthusiastic Valuable Energetic Rational Youthful Dedicated Accommodating Yearning Humble Efficient Radiant Optimistic…EVERYDAY HERO that is a positive influence for us all, and certainly beyond deserving of this award. Thank you Amanda for EVERYTHING you do for us at St. Patrick on a daily basis, you are appreciated, respected and loved beyond words. ”


We would like to thank Nicole, Mary, Kate, and Amanda for their commitment to creating a culture of faith, hope and love to ensure equity and well-being at our board.