Virtual School/In-Person Transition for PVNC Students

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Originally posted on Oct. 8, 2020

Dear parents/guardians,

Today we are sharing some important information and a Transition Request Form for families who wish to switch between in-person learning and Virtual school. Please read carefully, as this will be the last opportunity for families to make a switch between the two learning modes until Feb. 2, 2021.

What do I need to do as a parent/guardian?

If you DO NOT wish to switch your child from in-person learning to Virtual school or from Virtual school to in-person learning, you DO NOT have to do anything. Your child will remain in their current learning mode.

If you DO wish to switch your child from in-person learning to Virtual school or from Virtual school to in-person learning, please read the following information carefully. Once you have read the information, please fill out the Transition Request Form by 12:00 noon on Oct. 22, 2020. If a form is not completed by the closing date, the student’s current learning mode status will remain.


  • Families can choose to move their children from in-person learning to Virtual School or from Virtual School to in-person on three dates, which coincide with the end of instructional periods in elementary and secondary schools: Nov. 12, Feb. 2 and April 22.
  • Students enrolled in the Virtual School are required to be online, live with their teacher for 225 minutes per day for Gr. 1 – 12, 180 minutes for Kindergarten.

Update to in-person learning:

As we began the school year, many of our in-person classrooms have been operating well below Ministry of Education classroom size requirements.

As we prepare for the November transition, we are anticipating a reorganization of many, if not most, of our in-person classes. This will mean that your child may have a different in-person teacher and possibly different classmates than they currently have. In addition, class sizes will be more reflective of Ministry-funded averages.

Update to Virtual School 

Our St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Virtual School now has more than 2,350 learners. It is currently the Board’s largest school.

Named after the Patron Saint of students and Catholic schools, the Virtual school serves students from Kindergarten through Grade 12 and currently employs 90 teachers and support staff as well as administrators.

Please view our Virtual School Parent Guide for in-depth information about the school and the Virtual learning environment.

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School (In-person school in Lindsay)

As communicated previously, students attending St. Thomas Aquinas CSS  in person are on a different secondary schedule and can only move between in-person and virtual school at the February transition.

COVID-19 Update

As of Oct. 14, 2020, there is no confirmed COVID-19 cases connected to a PVNC school. All confirmed cases are reported on our COVID-19 Advisory Page. The advisory page can be accessed from the Board and school websites and is updated daily based on the number of cases confirmed by our local public health units.

Transition Form – Switching Between In-Person Learning and the Virtual School

As mentioned above, families may request to switch between In-Person Learning and the Virtual School at key transition dates during the year.

Families of students, either elementary or secondary, who would currently like to switch from in-person learning to the Virtual School or from the Virtual School to in-person learning must complete this PVNC Transition Form by noon on Oct 22, 2020.

Link to Transition Request Form:

This change would take effect on Nov. 12, 2020. After that, students will remain in their current learning mode until the next transition date, which is Feb. 2, 2021.

NOTE: Families who DO NOT wish to make a change, do not need to fill out the Transition Form.

Following the noon Oct. 22, 2020 deadline, Board staff will work to reorganize classrooms and teacher assignments and school staff will communicate with families in the days leading up to Nov. 12.

More Questions?

We understand that you may have more questions as you make this important decision.

Please note, for school-specific concerns, please contact your child’s school. For all other inquiries, please complete our School Board Contact Form, filling out as many fields as possible, which helps us assign it to the correct staff person for response.

You may also wish to view our Parent/Guardian Return to School FAQ page before submitting your question.



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