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ThoughtExchange – Strategic Priorities

June 9, 2021

Thank you for taking part in our ThoughtExchange process. Throughout the spring we have been engaging the Board’s many diverse stakeholders and gathering valuable feedback as we renew the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan and set the Board’s roadmap for the next four years and beyond.

To gather your feedback, we have been using a tool called ThoughtExchange. We have provided a summary below of our three main ThoughtExchanges for parents and staff. Please take some time to review the major themes that have come to our attention as we now begin the process of drafting and finalizing the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan, which will be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval at the September Board Meeting. Thank you once again for all who participated. Your Voice Matters! 


Word Cloud for Parent Thought Exchange

PVNC Educators 

ThoughtExchange Educator Word Cloud

PVNC Non-Educators 

ThoughtExchange Word Cloud Non Educators


How does the ThoughtExchange work?

Following a brief survey, you’ll be asked to respond to one open-ended question, consider and assign stars to some of the ideas shared by others (20 to 30 is ideal), and learn what’s important to the group.

Your thoughts and stars are confidential. You can come back as often as you’d like to participate and, in fact, we ask that you do come back to star some of the new ideas shared since you first participated. The ratings will help us understand the most important areas to focus on.