Group Of Teenage Students Collaborating On Project In IT Class

Wifi in Schools

Wireless Technology at PVNC

When PVNC began purchasing mobile wireless devices over 12 years ago it was to enable “anytime, anywhere” learning with technology.  Over the years some have expressed concerns with wireless technology and as the Manager of IT for the School Board I take these concerns very seriously. Student safety is our very highest priority.

For all questions of safety we rely on experts in the

For wireless technology, these experts are:

Industry Canada – sets limits on maximum emissions from wifi devices

Health Canada – sets limits on human exposure limits for wifi devices

We also have local and provincial authorities:

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion have both confirmed the safety of this technology. Dr. Rosana Salvaterra, Medical Officer of Health, Peterborough County-City Health Unit, has also endorsed the safety of wireless networks within public institutions.

All of these authorities are unanimous in their guidance, the use of wireless technology does not pose a public health risk.

What is PVNC doing?

  •  Ensure manufacturers do not exceed Industry Canada guidelines for wifi
  • Regularly monitor the electromagnetic fields within schools to ensure they are well within Health Canada guidelines for wifi.
  • Mount Wifi Access Points in clearly visible locations so all users know where they are and can act according to their preference
  • Conduct “Wifi Walkthroughs” of schools for concerned students and parents

If you have any questions or concerns regarding wireless technology in your child’s school please do not hesitate to contact me.