Daily Self-Assessment for Students

The Minister of Education announced that in addition to the requirement for students to perform daily self-screening, all schools are expected to have a process in place to validate the daily self-screening of students prior to or upon their arrival at school.

Schools are to confirm that students have completed and passed their daily COVID-19 self-screen. Any student that has not completed the self-screen will be required to complete self-screening prior to entry or joining their class. Any student that does not pass the on-site screening procedures will be asked to return home and self-isolate until they meet the criteria for return.

By completing this Google Form daily, secondary students will be able to demonstrate whether or not they have passed their self screening. Please ensure you are logged in with your PVNC Catholic C-Pass. The form will automatically record your username.

Daily Secondary Student Covid Assessment Forms

A printable version of the School Screening Tool is available here in PDF form.

Daily Elementary Student Covid Assessment Forms