Student Success Services

Student Success Services meets the individual learning needs of each and every student. Every student has his or her own unique interests, goals, and strengths, and should have the same opportunity to succeed and graduate. Our student success strategy gives educators, parents, employers, college and university partners, students, and others the necessary tools to create an engaging school experience for all teenagers.

Student Success Services responsibilities include:
  • A focus on literacy
  • Planning for learning
  • Teaching strategies
  • Improvement of student engagement in schools
Students can tailor their high school experience based on their strengths, interests, and learning style. Professional staff works with students to help them select the best path. The goal is help all students build a promising future.

 Title Contact
Superintendent of Schools
Deirdre Thomas
Administrative Assistant

Joanne Friar

Student Success/Safe Schools/OFD - Secretary

Greg James

Student Success Consultant
Luanne Moriarty
Student Success Consultant
Jane Sammut
School Attendance Counsellor
Carol Sinacori
School Attendance Counsellor
Rita Vallillee

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