Special Education Services

Special Education Services delivers programs and supports to exceptional students that will enable them to reach their highest possible potential. Catholic educators are called to reach out to all students regardless of their background, exceptionality, or complexity of their needs.

Our Catholic school system is measured by:
  • The success that is achieved with the neediest, most marginalized, and most vulnerable of our students
  • How well we work together to design and implement interventions that successfully unlock the potential of students who experience challenges in their learning and living
  • How well we have integrated every person into a welcoming, nurturing, and inclusive Catholic learning community
  • How well we have prepared them to take their place in the world equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to lead a meaningful and faith-filled life
To accomplish these goals, the Catholic community continually seeks excellence through collaboration, mutual support, and prayer in living out our calling as followers of Christ. 

Superintendent of SchoolsDuncan, Anne MariePhone: (705) 748-4861, Ext.182, Fax (705)748-5187
Email:  aduncan@pvnccdsb.on.ca
Administrative Assistant
Mariutti, Susan
Ext. 227, Fax (705)748-5187
Email: smariutti@pvnccdsb.on.ca
Attendance CounsellorSinacori, Carol
Ext. 261, Fax (705) 748-5187
Email: csinacori@pvnccdsb.on.ca
Principal Section 23
Mather, Diane
Ext. 272, Fax (705)748-5187
Educational Assistant SupervisorParco, Anne
Ext. 192, Fax (705)748-5187
Mental Health Lead

Angelo, Jennifer
Ext. 215, Fax (705)748-5187

Chan Reynolds, Dr. Cynthia
Ext. 274, Fax (705)748-5187
Abraham, Darlene
Ext. 179, Fax 705)-748-5187
Lech, Alicja
Ext. 260, Fax (705)748-5187
McFadden, Kerrie
Ext. 267, Fax (705)748-5187
Herrington, Beth
Ext. 210, Fax (705)748-5187
Secretary of Special Education Services Rochetta, Penny
Ext. 270, Fax (705)-748-5187
Social Worker

Marner, Jane 
Ext. 226, (905)372-4339,
Fax (705)748-9734

Social Worker
Lisa Stevens
Ext. 188, (705)878-4117
Fax (705)748-9734
Social Worker

Yetman, Aimee 
Ext. 343, (705) 748-6664 
Fax (705)748-9734

Social Worker
Shearer, Sandra
Ext. 163, (705) 745-1358 
Fax (705)748-9734
Social Worker
Wills, Kelly
Ext. 108, (905)404-9349, Fax (905)404-9372
Social Worker
Wildeboer, Grace
Ext. 232, (905)623-3990 Fax (705)748-9734
Special Education Consultant
Carson, Laura
Ext. 239, Fax (705)748-5187
Special Education Consultant
Jones, Nancy
Ext. 239, Fax (705)748-5187
Special Education Consultant
Stoker, Karen
Ext. 186, Fax (705)748-5187
Special Education Consultant
Twohey, Nicole
Ext. 187, Fax (705)748-5187
Specialized Equipment Clerk

Reed, Amanda
Ext. 266, Fax (705)748-5187

Speech Language Pathologist
McCarney, Elizabeth 
Ext. 180, Fax(705) 748-5187
Speech Language PathologistAngione, Jacqueline
Ext. 181, Fax (705)-748-5187
Speech Language Pathologist
Leroux, Emily
Ext. 170, Fax (705)748-5187
Speech Language PathologistVirtue, Lisa
Ext. 194, Fax (705)748-5187
Teacher of the Blind/Visually ImpairedLanz, Ann 
Ext. 208, Fax (705)748-5187
Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Hansen, Eric
Ext. 265, Fax (705)748-5187
Section 23 Program Teacher
Ayotte, Tim
Fax (705)748-5187