Kindergarten Registration:

Registration for both Full Day Kindergarten and Kindergarten takes place the second week in February. However parents may continue to register their children after this date. Please register in person at your local school.

Kindergarten Program:

Along with the requirements of the Ontario curriculum, our students also receive the knowledge, skills, and values required to live a meaningful and faith filled life. The Kindergarten Religion program titled,"In God's Image" helps children grow as believers in God and Jesus and this message permeates the entire curriculum and daily life in all of our schools. The Family Life program instils Christian values based on the dignity of all persons and nurtures a commitment to making a positive contribution to the community and the world.

Full Day Kindergarten Program:

"The Full-Day Early Learning -Kindergarten program is designed to help children build on their prior knowledge and experiences, form concepts, acquire foundational skills, and form positive attitudes to learning as they begin to develop their goals for lifelong learning."

Full Day Kindergarten Program Document:

If you would like more information about this program, please click on the following link:


Extended Day Program:

The Extended Day is an optional, fee-based, before and after school program which may be offered in conjunction with the Full Day Kindergarten program at your Catholic school. Click here for further information on the Extended Day Program.

Early Identification:

Early Identification is centred on the teacher's observations of each child.  The teacher identifies the learning needs of each child and develops an educational environment to meet those needs. By understanding the way in which each child learns, the teacher will be able to structure and change the basic program to ensure that the needs of all are met during the critical first few years at school.

A School Resource Team provides support and consultation for the teacher to assist each child. Additional special education support staff from the Catholic Education Centre is also available to help when needed. Students with special needs may receive resource help and could be considered for identification as an exceptional student.