Special Education Services - Five Core Beliefs


Special Education Services provide:
  • School Resource Team meetings
  • Case Conferences
  • Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) meetings
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) development and consultation
  • Review and assessment

Meaningful Integration

Each student is provided with the opportunity for academic learning, social development, and meaningful engagement in an integrated classroom as a first priority and goal for subsequent interventions.

Special Education Services provide:
  • An integrated classroom, our first choice
  • Resource assistance in the integrated classroom
  • Direct specialized teaching outside of the classroom (blind or deaf education)
  • Half-day program for students with learning disabilities or full-day programs for students with behaviour or autism spectrum disorders


Students, parents, educational assistants, teachers, special education resource teachers, school and board administration, Board support staff, community agency staff, and professionals are committed to working together to support students' individual learning needs.

Within the Board, Special Education Services works with Purchasing, Finance, Computer Services, Learning Support Services,  Communications, Human Resources, and Transportation Services.


Each student with exceptional needs is provided with the physical adjustments or prescribed specialized equipment that he or she needs to access the curriculum or the learning environment.

Special Education Services provide:
  • Physical accommodations of school buildings and playgrounds
  • Special transportation
  • Prescribed equipment as assessed by occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech-language pathologist, etc.
  • Specialized Equipment Amount funding (SEA)

Privilege and Advocacy

Special Education Services honour our special education work by welcoming all students, offering the best of professional ability, committing to updated professional development and research findings, offering professional development to school staff to meet students' learning needs, and providing collective gifts to students.