June 2017

Dear PVNC Community,

As we enter the summer months, I am filled with a sense of gratitude. I am grateful for the people with whom I work, the students and families whom I serve, and the communities of which I am privileged to be a part. This year we celebrate learning, leadership and service in PVNC. We can be proud of accomplishments in student achievement from Kindergarten through Grade 12, strong support for the well-being of all, the growth of the use of technology at every age, exciting inquiries in deep learning, fantastic teamwork among so many students from Math Olympics to Robotics to OFSAA finalists, heroic fundraising and support for the needs of others, Eco-champions, Bat Rangers, apprentices and co-op students, inspiring leaders and teachers, staff members supporting students in so many ways, and students rising to challenges everywhere. We have so much to be grateful for - I hope and pray these summer months give us a much needed time to reflect, to recharge, to renew and to be grateful.

A major focus of this year was the development of our PVNCCDSB draft Vision, Mission, and Strategic plan for 2017-2020. Months of consultation engaged us in intense, open, and honest dialogue, full of the vision and enthusiasm that are hallmarks of who we are in PVNC. We now have a renewed Vision: Achieving Excellence in Catholic Education, but with a more focussed approach to Learning Leadership and Service - changing the words from nouns to verbs - imperatives by which we are all called to live and work. Learn. Lead. Serve.

We have reclaimed a mission statement as an overall statement of what we are about - our mission is to educate students in faith-filled, safe, inclusive Catholic learning communities by nurturing the mind, body and spirit of all. I hope you can hear in these our deep commitment to our Catholic faith, to community, to inclusivity, and to well-being and the core of our mission, which is to educate our students, to enable student learning, and to walk together with our students and each other as we become who we are called to be.

And we have a renewed set of Strategic Priorities, three priorities aligned with our vision:

Learn - Achieve excellence in instruction and assessment to enable all students to become reflective, self-directed lifelong learners.

Lead - Foster critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication to enable all students to realize their God-given potential.

Serve - Inspire engagement and commitment to stewardship for creation to enable all students to become caring and responsible citizens.

For each of these three strategic priorities, there are three strategic actions that will give concrete expression to our priorities. Over the next three years, these strategic priorities and actions will guide the formation of our board and school improvement plans, our budgeting and the commitment of our resources, our decisions, policies and procedures, and the focus of our professional development.

I hope that everyone who took part in our strategic planning discussions can hear their own voices in our renewed Vision, Mission, and Strategic Priorities. I hope every one of us can see ourselves in these new directions - our place, our role in our shared mission to educate students in faith-filled, safe, inclusive Catholic learning communities by nurturing the mind, body and spirit of all. If each of us embraces the call to learn, to lead and to serve, I have every confidence we will realize our vision of Achieving Excellence in Catholic Education here in PVNC.

My best wishes to all for a happy and safe summer!

Michael Nasello, Director of Education