April 2017

Dear PVNC Community,

As we begin these holiest of days in our Catholic Christian community, I send you greetings and best wishes for an Easter celebration that is filled with reminders of the many blessings we enjoy – in our schools, in our welcoming and supportive communities, and in this incredible country – 150 years young. We are so fortunate to live and to share life with neighbours and friends from every part of the world.
We extend greetings to our Jewish friends and neighbours who are beginning the celebration of Passover. We especially remember them on April 24 as they, along with us and the rest of the world, mark a day of remembrance of all those who perished in the Holocaust. We remember those who continue to suffer from violence and hatred in all of its forms.

I am reminded of the words spoken by Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe (retired bishop of Sault Ste. Marie) at this week’s Chrism Mass, the Mass in which the holy oils for the sacraments are blessed and consecrated, in which our priests renew the commitment made at their ordination, and in which we are affirmed as members of the body of Christ. He called us to be people of deep kindness (not merely tolerance), and to seek God by listening to each other. As we strive to continually make our school communities the most welcoming and engaging places of learning they can possibly be, we renew our commitment to work for the good of our students, to be our very best selves every day, and to support our students as they strive to be their very best selves. And, of course, we prepare to welcome our new bishop, Bishop Daniel Miehm, to the diocese of Peterborough on April 19.

As I have been travelling across the board, meeting with our school communities to hear about our collective vision for our future, I have been moved deeply by the care for and commitment to all students which I experience in our staff, and the excitement and enthusiasm for learning which I experience in our students. Mostly, I am touched by the pride everyone shares in this learning community we affectionately call “PVNC.” Together, we are shaping our future, lending our collective voice to the direction and priorities that will guide us over the next few years. I am deeply grateful to all who have participated in this engaging process.

Our school communities have been engaged in Lenten projects of generosity toward communities, local and global, who struggle with needs that are both immediate and daunting. We hear over and over again how much their lives are impacted for the better by our generosity. God works through generous hearts and the work we do together for the good of others. Thank you.

On behalf of all of us here at PVNC, I wish you a very happy and blessed Easter. Let us celebrate together the new life which the risen Christ calls us to share.

Michael Nasello, Director of Education