Communication Services

Communication Services manages and directs the Board's internal and external communications, administers Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy Act requests, and manages the Board's corporate records management system.

Communication Services is constantly striving to find innovative ways to
tell our story. In the past year we have made major steps towards adopting new
forms of social media, which has offered us a new source of engagement between
our school communities and gives us the ability to share our successes as they
happen with a broader range of audiences.

But our most important communication asset is still the most simple one. Those
good news stories that originate in our classrooms and schools remain our most
effective means of showcasing the best Learning, Leading and Service taking place
in our Catholic Schools.

We have many ways today to share and promote the good work occurring every
day at PVNC, but we canít be effective unless there is a healthy flow of information
from our school communities to Communication Services.

When it comes to communicating in 2016, a lot has changed in a short period of
time. As we move away from some of the past ways of doing things, we thought it
might be beneficial to offer this Guide to Sharing Information with
Communication Services.

By following some of the suggestions in our guide, we will be able to tell a better story collectively and YOU can ensure your classroom or school success gets the
attention it deserves.

Click here to view the Guide to Sharing Information with Communication Services.

Communicating with Your School

Steps in communicating with schools:

If a parent/guardian has a concern about a school matter, these are the steps that should be followed:

Step 1
The parent/guardian should discuss a concern or issue with the classroom teacher at a mutually convenient time.

Step 2
If the parent/guardian and the teacher are not able to resolve the issue, it should be discussed with the school principal (or designate). 

Step 3
If the parent/guardian and the school principal are not able to resolve the issue, the parent/guardian may discuss the issue with the school superintendent. 

Step 4
If the parent/guardian and the school superintendent are not able to resolve the issue, the parent/guardian may discuss the issue with the Director of Education. 

Of course, your local school Trustee is elected to represent your interests and is always ready to hear and discuss your suggestions or concerns.

705-Supporting Community Concerns Policy link
705-001-Addressing Public Concerns Protocol link

 Title Contact

Communications Manager

Galen Eagle
Phone: (705) 748-4861, Ext. 245

Visual Communications Specialist /
Administrative Assistant

Andrea Bradley
Phone: (705) 748-4861, Ext. 243

Web Developer


Michael Kaszuba
Phone: (705) 748-4861, Ext. 199

Records and Information Management

Nancy Massie
(705) 748-4861, Ext. 221