Educational Technology Innovation Projects

There are exciting possibilities on the horizon for education. The reason we haven't progressed down these paths doesn't have to do with the state of the technology. It has to do with how the technology has been implemented. Employing a disruptive approach presents a promising path toward at long last realizing the vision of a transformed classroom. (

The purpose of the PVNC Educational Technology Innovation (ETI) Projects is to give teachers an opportunity to try different Educational Technology that is not currently approved or supported by Computer Services.  The hardware is available on a limited basis for teachers to try different hypotheses.  Those projects that have positive results are carried over into a second "triad" phase where two other teachers have an opportunity to test the same hypotheses to see if they can duplicate the results.  If successful after the triad phase the solution is then evaluated for board wide implementation and/or inclusion on the board's list of approved hardware.

Triad Phase Project(s)

The following projects have been approved for phase two.  Two teachers will be selected to duplicate the project and will work with the project lead for the first phase of the project.

 Project Title (Click Title for Project Report)Project Lead 
 Class Set of Blackberry Playbooks Alan Morin
 Class Set of Netbooks Kate Winn