Committee Meetings

While regular meetings of the Board are held every month, committees help to break down the complexities of the school system. Agendas are prepared for each meeting, and minutes are recorded.  

View agendas and meeting minutes, or contact Communication Services for more information.

Agendas and meeting minutes


Standing Committees

The Appeal of Suspension Committee hears and determines suspension appeals.

The Chairperson's Committee acts as liaison between the Board of Trustees and the standing committees, prepares agendas, assigns items to committees, and brings committee issues back to the Board.

The Expulsion Committee hears and makes recommendations for expulsion.  

The Family Life and Religious Education Committee recommends family life curriculum to the Board, reviews and approves resources, and provides a forum to discuss religious education.  

The Governance Committee (Committee-of-the-Whole) focuses on a complex topic for a longer period of time, allowing reports and input from many sources.

The Human Resources Committee discusses recruitment, salary and benefits, employee appraisals, and labour relations.

The Policy Development Committee assists in the development, management, and review of Board policies. 

Other Board committees

The Accessibility for All Committee assists the Board and schools with barrier-free facilities.

The Audit Committee oversees financial accounting, internal audits, external audits, and risk management system for the Board.

The Catholic Parent Engagement Committee (formerly District Catholic School Council) supports and encourages parent engagement in Board activities.

The Communications, Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy, and Records Management Ad-hoc Committee reviews communication policies, complies with Freedom of Information requests, and manages paper and electronic Board records.

The Eco Steering Committee promotes environmental literacy and encourages sustainable practices.

The Equity and Inclusive Education Advisory Committee provides advice and monitors progress on the goals of the Ministry of Education's Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy.

The French as a Second Language Advisory Committee advises on the delivery of French programs within the Board and serves as liaison to other community groups on French as a second language.

The First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Education Committee provides advice on improved Aboriginal student achievement and engagement, and engages all students in increased understanding of Aboriginal history and culture.

The Good Samaritan Emergency Response Fund Committee distributes emergency funds to students and their families in crisis.

The Official School Opening and Blessing Ad-hoc Committee celebrates the Catholic faith through an official opening and blessing of all new schools and additions to schools.

The Safe Schools Action Team Committee provides advice to the Board on implementation of Safe Schools Strategy.

The School Naming Ad-hoc Committee reviews and recommends the name of a new school building.

The Special Education Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Board on the establishment, development, and delivery of special education programs and services for exceptional pupils of the Board. 

The Stewards of Catholic Education Committee reviews the Board's strategic direction and improvement plan, and advocates for Catholic education in the province.

The Student Achievement Advisory Committee focuses on student achievement strategies, including achievement targets, resources, student success, special education, and professional learning.

The Supervised Alternative Learning Committee provides students who have difficulty with school attendance with an alternate learning strategy.