The Fruits of the Holy Spirit

When we embrace the graces and gifts we receive from the Holy Spirit, we grow as followers of Jesus. We see the effect of the Holy Spiritís presence in our lives in special qualities and attitudes that we develop as we grow in faith. The Church identifies these qualities and attitudes as the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit are signs that the Holy Spirit is alive within us and helping us live the Catholic faith in our daily lives.

In our PVNC community, we continue to have as a focus for each month one of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and offer some resources to support this:


 Generosity - bénignité
 January - janvier
 elementary secondary
 Kindness - longanimité
 February - février
 elementary secondary
 Self Control - continence
 March - mars
 elementary secondary
 Joy - joie
 April - avril
 elementary secondary
 Gentleness - mansuétude
 May - mai
 elementary secondary
 Modesty - modestie
 June - juin
 elementary secondary
 Chastity - chasteté
 July - juillet
 elementary secondary
 Goodness - bonté
 August - août
 elementary secondary
 Faithfulness - fidélité
 September - septembre
 elementary secondary
 Charity - charité
 October - octobre
 elementary secondary
 Peace - paix
 November - novembre
 elementary secondary
 Patience - patience
 December - décembre
 elementary secondary